FSP Introduces The New Hydro PTM PRO 80 Plus Platinum PSU Series


FSP introduces its newest high-end power supply series, called the Hydro PTM PRO series. The Hydro PTM Pro series features a wide array of wattages ranging from 650-watts to 1200-watt models. All of these models are designed for mid-range systems, up to workstation PC systems. These power supplies can cost anywhere from $164.99 for the 650-watt model to $269.99 for the largest 1200-watt model.

FSP announces the Hydro PTM PRO series power supplies, which have a total of five different models and capacities

The new Hydro PTM Pro power supply series are built to last, even in harsher environments with relative humidity extreme of up to 95%. These power supplies feature an "Off-Wet" conformal coating. The inside these power supplies have the PCBs use a three-layer coating. These features protect the internal components from dust, stains, and the humidity of the environment.

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Source: FSP

The chassis of the Hydro PTM PRO power supplies are utilized in cooling the internal components, the 12-Volts. This unique heat dissipation design conducts heat from the 12-volt switching circuit to the chassis of the power supply.

The included fan uses a premium fluid dynamic bearing to ensure both a low noise level and an extended life span. The back of the power supply has a switch that activates the semi-fanless mode included in these power supplies. This semi-fanless mode only activates the fan when the load exceeds 30%.

Source: FSP

This power supply has a fully modular design that means users can save on space by only plugging in the cords that they need for their system. Included are flat-ribbon cables, which make cable routing neat and easy to routing of the wires.

The Hydro PTM Pro power supply series all feature an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency. This 80 Plus Platinum efficiency means that at maximum load, there is still a 92% power efficiency. This design features a single 12-volt rail with a DC to DC module and offers many protections.

This series features five different capacities ranging from 650-watts, up to 1,200-watts. The 650-watt model costs $164.99, the 750-watt model costs $189.99, and the 850-watt model costs $214.99. The last two models are the 1,000-watt model and the 1,200-watt model, priced at $249.99 and $269.99, respectively.