Fractal Design Announces the Ion Gold PSU Series


Fractal Design has introduced the Ion Gold PSU series offering four different capacities ranging from 550-watts up to 850-watts. This power supply series features a seven-year warranty with an 80 Plus Gold certification, ensuring high reliability and high energy efficiency during heavy workloads. This power supply series is currently available at major online retailers.

The Ion Gold Power supply series offers high efficiency during heavy workloads while being competitively priced

This power supply series offers four different capacities, and these capacities include 550-watts, 650-watts, 750-watts, and 850-watts. These different capacities ensure that gamers only have to buy the required wattage for their PC system without paying for more than they are going to utilize by their system.

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These power supplies all feature the ATX form factor, which allows for a wider amount of compatibility for mATX and ATX PC cases. This power supply series features a modular design, allowing PC builders to connect only the necessary power cords and ultimately reduce the cable clutter inside the case. The modular design also allows for an easier installation, as PC builders will only need to route the cord to the graphics card or other PC component.

All power supplies in the Ion Gold ATX series utilize the 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, which showcases the noise level and energy consumption. This 80 Plus Gold rating is powered by the capacitors and the 140 mm fan installed into each power supply.

They utilize premium Japanese 105°C capacitors, which allow for the higher reliability and durability that these power supplies are stated to offer. This power supply utilizes a 140 mm fan; this 140 mm LLS bearing Fractal Design Dynamic series fan offers a rotational speed of roughly 1,000 RPM and a maximum noise level of roughly 19 dBA.

These power supplies offer a seven-year warranty which should ensure buyers that they won't need to replace this power supply for a considerable amount of time. The Ion Gold ATX power supply series are currently available from various web stores, including Newegg.

The 550-watt power supply features a price of $79.99, the 650-watt model has a price of $89.99, The 750-watt model has a price of $99.99, and the highest capacity model, the 850-watt model, features a price of $109.99.