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Conan Exiles Gets First DLC Named ‘The Imperial East Pack’


Funcom announced today that The Imperial East Pack, the first DLC for Conan Exiles, is now available for purchase at the price of €9.99 via Steam, Microsoft Store (for Xbox One) and PlayStation Store (for PlayStation 4).

Funcom Creative Director, Joel Bylos, said:

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We’re excited to have launched the first DLC for Conan Exiles, but DLCs are only one part of the post-launch strategy for the game. We are also working on bug and stability fixes along with several free updates, including pets and taming, new dungeons, a new religion, and more. These are all large, game-altering updates that will be provided free to all players.

Here's the full breakdown on what's included with The Imperial East Pack:

  •  39 new Khitan building pieces.
    • A full set of building pieces with the same stats as existing tier three.
  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets, such as the Khitan Officer Armor.
    • Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each.
  • 9 new weapons in one Khitan weapon set.
    • Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon.
  • 5 new warpaints in Khitan style.
    • Decorative warpaints in jade, black, white and red.
  • 25 new placeables, such as a dragon idol and hanging lamps.
    • Can be created at an all new Khitan Artisan station.

Funcom also shared the following roadmap of updates coming soon to Conan Exiles after The Imperial East Pack, expanding on the aforementioned statement by Joel Bylos.

Major Updates

Taming and Pets

You’ve been patiently waiting for this one for a while, and we are proud to announce that we are also working on getting our pet and taming systems into your hands as soon as possible.

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We’re currently working on the tech and optimization that goes hand in hand with adding this to the game, and we’ll talk about this feature in detail very soon.

New Dungeon(s)

In addition to the Pets update, we’ll also be adding new dungeons to the game. Currently we have several in production, one of which is tied explicitly to the Pet system. More information on those soon as well.

Jhebbal Sag Religion

Who better to join the pantheon of the Exiled Lands than the Lord of Beasts himself! Jhebbal Sag will become available as a religion to those strong and brave enough to find him – and with his religion comes new altars, pet-focused religious items and, of course, the avatar of the god himself.

Side note: We’re also doing further balancing updates to the god avatars.

Minor Updates


Power Shot for Bow – This will add hold functionality to the bow, rather than the delayed shot we have right now. This is an oft-requested feature from the community and one that we hope will improve the bow combat experience.

Special Arrows – Poison arrows, explosive arrows, healing arrows and light arrows will increase the arsenal of bow users in the game, and give them more options in combat. We will also ensure that these arrows work together with orbs to combine effects and give players more tactical ways to approach battles.

Combat & Animation

Off-hand Combos – In a future patch, we’re adding support for players to perform *different* combos based on the weapon that they have equipped in their off-hand. No better feeling that shield bashing your enemies into the earth or tearing into them with dual axes (throwing axe in the off-hand).

This adds more tactical options for players in combat.

Item Usage Animation – Slightly more controversial, but certainly needed, we are adding animations to usage of certain items in the game. Bandages and potions, for example, will force an animation to be played before providing their effect. This is to solve several potion spamming problems in combat – and is also a much requested feature from our RP community.


Automatic Downloading of Mods – This is a quality of life fix that we have wanted to add for a while – the ability to automatically download mods when selecting a modded server. Much requested by modders, this allows people a smoother gateway into the experiences created by our amazing community.

Please remember that these minor updates will also include bugfixes, balance changes, optimizations and anything we see urgently requested by the community.