Code: To Jin Yong Is an Upcoming UE5 AAA Open World Game from Tencent’s Lightspeed Studios

Code: To Jin Yong

As part of its SPARK 2022 conference, Tencent announced a number of updates on game production and technology, with Code: To Jin Yong easily taking the crown as the most impressive showcase.

A triple-A open world game in development at Lightspeed Studios, Code: To Jin Yong is a videogame adaptation of the acclaimed wuxia novels written by author Jin Yong and released by Ming Ho Publications. In the past, there were several game adaptations of Jin Yong's works, such as the tactical RPG Heroes of Jin Yong, but Tencent is aiming to release this new game globally instead of just in China.

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Code: To Jin Yong is in development with Unreal Engine 5 technology. According to Tencent, the engine's underlying physics system (the Chaos system) enables the recreation of wuxia's signature spectacular martial arts by the developers at Lightspeed Studios. Photogrammetry technology will be used to reproduce lifelike environments, while classic characters from the novels like Yang Guo, Qiao Feng, and Linghu Chong have been confirmed to be featured in the game.

No platforms have been confirmed as of yet. However, the cutting-edge graphics seen in the debut trailer suggest that PC and next-generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X will be primary targets. That said, the Unreal Engine's trademark scalability could enable even ports to platforms like mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch.

It is also likely that Code: To Jin Yong will be published under Tencent's Level Infinite brand, announced a few months ago as the publisher of upcoming games from Lightspeed Studios. Level Infinite will also publish games from other Tencent developers like NExT Studios (Synced: Off Planet) and TiMi Studio Group (Pokémon UNITE and the upcoming Honor of Kings: World).

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