Apple TV 4K’s New Siri Remote Is Compatible With Older Models


Apple recently announced its latest Apple TV 4K that comes with a faster A12 Bionic chip inside. It also boasts high frame rate HDR video for a more immersive video consumption experience. While the upgrades are great and pretty useful, Apple has also revamped the Apple TV Remote. The new remote features a more squarish design. However, you do not have to buy the new Apple TV 4K if you want to use the new Siri Remote as it is compatible with older models as well.

If You Do Not Want to Upgrade Your Apple TV, Simply Get Your Hands on the New Siri Remote Which is Compatible With Older Models

Apple's new Siri Remote features a five-way navigation click pad that is touch-enabled and can be used for swiping gestures. As mentioned earlier, the new Siri Remote can be used on older Apple TV models as well so you do not have to buy the latest model. For most people, the new internals and features might not be a gigantic jump over their current Apple TV models. Well, you can just use the new Siri Remote and reap all the benefits.

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Apple TV Siri Remote Compatible With Older Models

As mentioned earlier, the new Siri Remote is compatible with older Apple TV models starting from the fourth-generation Apple TV that launched in 2015. The fifth-generation Apple TV is also compatible with the new Siri Remote. What you will get in the remote is a power button to control your Apple TV, a dedicated mute button, a dedicated Siri button on the side, and much more.

The new features in the Apple TV 4K are a welcome addition including the redesigned Siri Remote. If you do not want to buy the latest set-top box, you can just get your hands on the standalone Siri Remote. There you have it, folks. Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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