Center Stage Feature on 2021 iPad Pro Models Will Support Third-Party Video Calling Apps


Apple announced the new iPad Pro models yesterday with a plethora of upgrades. The new models not only come with a mini-LED display but also features an M1 processor. Apple is taken a giant leap forward when it comes to bridging the gap between an iPad and a computer. The fact that an iPad Pro is running the same processor as a laptop is nothing short of astonishing. However, these are not the only upgrades that Apple touted on stage. The new 2021 iPad Pro models also house the new 'Center Stage' feature which is said to support third-party video calling apps as well.

2021 iPad Pro's Center Stage Will Feature Support for Third-Party Video Calling Apps

As mentioned earlier, Apple upgraded the front-facing camera of the iPad Pro. It features a 122-degree Field of View which gives room to the new Center Stage feature. The feature deems to keep you in focus while you are on a video call. It will follow you around and keep you in the center by making use of zooming in and out. This is a great feature if you video calls your family with more than a single person.

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It was first coined that the new Center Stage feature on the 2021 iPad Pro is only available for FaceTime video calls. As it turns out, it will also be available for third-party video calling apps. Developers of these apps can make use of the Center Stage API so they can implement the new feature. You just have to wait for your app to release an update for the Center Stage feature on the 2021 iPad Pro. The API will be available to developers with the upcoming iPadOS 14.5 next week.

Since Apple has incorporated a new wide-angle lens on the 2021 iPad Pro, the Center Stage feature will not be available on older iPad Pro models. There you have it, folks. We will share more details on the iPad Pro and the new M1 iMac in the future, so be sure to stick around. Also, share your valuable insights with us in the comments.

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