New Apple Watch Expected To Be Unveiled This Fall? New Design And Other Features Included


This fall is definitely going to be a new season of Christmas, if you’re a die-hard Apple fan that is. This is because in addition to witnessing the announcement of a 4 inch iPhone 5SE, chances are that we are also going to be witnessing the successor of the company’s Apple Watch? Any take on what its official name is going to be?

Apple Watch 2

New Apple Watch Expected To Be Announced In Fall – Promises New Design And Of Course New Features

The new lineup of Apple Watch is expected to be similar to what the tech giant hand announced during the September 2015 Apple Watch revision, which brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘aesthetics’ thanks to the addition of new band color options. It is also possible that these new bands are going to be made out of new materials, indicating that Apple could be extending its partnership beyond companies like Hermes. In short, the cosmetic value of the upcoming Apple Watch will definitely be given an upgrade and as much as Apple’s design team meticulously adds up intricate details to the final product, the upcoming wearable is also expected to pack a lot of functionality as well.

Naturally, as we move up a generation, a consumer electronic product will be featuring better hardware and a long time ago, we stated several features that we wanted to see in the upcoming wearable, so we think that it is a good idea that you think what we think should be a part of the upcoming device. Perhaps one of the biggest gripes of owning an Apple Watch would be its battery life and minuscule amount of storage, and as its successor is going to be rolled out, we expect that future software updates, a larger cell, and more storage will obviously contribute to a better experience. We expect that Force Touch is going to be retained, along with the form factor of the wearable, which is currently available in the 38mm and 42mm versions.

Apple Watch

Moreover, we expect that new synchronization capabilities with will be added as long as Apple continues to roll out its iOS updates. We feel that Apple is not going to be adding a hard wired way of charging the new Apple Watch because having a wireless charger just makes more sense and is obviously more convenient. Regardless, we will be updating you on whatever comes forth in the coming months. Are you excited for the grand unveiling of the upcoming wearable? Let us know your thoughts in the polls below.

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