Apple Tested Touch ID for iPhone 13 But Will Not Launch it This Year

Ali Salman
Apple Touch ID iPhone 13 Launch

The iPhone 13 launch is less than a month away and we are hearing surprising rumors regarding the handsets. The company will launch four models of the iPhone 13 with a smaller notch and tweaked camera sensors. While nothing can be said for certain at this point, a new report coins that Apple tested Touch ID on the iPhone 13 series but it is unlikely that it will launch this year. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Will Not Add Touch ID on iPhone 13 in favor of Face ID With a "Long-Term Goal"

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman shared his insights in the new Power On newsletter, citing that Apple will not incorporate in-display Touch ID on the iPhone since it has a long-term plan to keep Face ID under the display. Take note that this is not the first time that we are hearing details on in-display Touch ID. For this year, the company is only moving forward by making the notch smaller on the iPhone 13.

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“While Apple had tested in-screen Touch ID for the next flagship iPhones, it won’t make the cut this year. I believe Apple is all-in on Face ID for its higher-end iPhones and its long-term goal is to implement Face ID in the display itself.”

In the future, Apple could potentially eliminate the notch and place Face ID components under the display. Since many smartphones have now begun to use the in-display camera technology, it is only a matter of time before Apple jumps on the bandwagon as well with its own rendition. Gurman gives two possibilities how Apple could proceed with Touch ID and Face ID in the future.

Apple Touch ID and Face ID in iPHone 13 launch

For one, Apple could incorporate Face ID under the display only on high-end models while the entry-level iPhones will feature Face ID within the notch. The second way to go about it is by integrating in-display Face ID on higher-end models of the iPhone, while low-end models will feature Touch ID inside the screen. The company could use either option or go about it another way but there must be a long-term plan for Touch ID.

As for what we are expecting, the iPhone 13 series will feature a smaller notch with a 120Hz refresh rate display and new camera sensors. In addition, Apple will add its enhanced A15 processor which will be coupled with up to 1TB of storage capacity. The company will launch the iPhone 13 series sometime in September along with a bunch of other products.

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