Apple May Have Two Events Planned in September, One for the iPhone 13 Launch


Apple may not wish to unveil a slew of products on a single event, which is why the California-based giant could be planning two of them, according to sources close to the company’s supply chain.

Having Two Events Instead of One Allows Apple to Give Individual Time to Each Product

Despite analysts talking about a single Apple event expected to be held during the third week of September, a paywalled report from DigiTimes spotted by AppleInsider claims the firm may not showcase everything in a single day. However, the publication does not appear convinced by DigiTimes’ claims, and since the latter does not have a terrific track record for Apple’s product release timelines, we will not give it the benefit of the doubt.

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What we think is that Apple may hold a September event to unveil products like the iPhone 13 series, followed by the iPad 9, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods 3. Later, the company may host an event in early October of November to announce the M1X MacBook Pro family and the iPad mini 6. According to an update from a tipster, the M1X Mac mini may not be a part of Apple’s announcement as it is rumored to be delayed due to marketing reasons, but we will still keep an eye out for it.

Assuming DigiTimes’ claims are true regarding two September events, it will still be the right move on Apple’s part. Firstly, we are expected to witness a drove of product announcements, and showcasing them in a single event means viewers might grow tired of the time it takes to unwrap the entire event. If Apple chooses to keep the event concise, the company may not give the required time to each product feature, leaving out some key selling points and discouraging future customers.

However, the global health crisis has a habit of forcing companies like Apple to change plans in a split second, so we will keep an eye out for two events in September, but like always, treat this report with a pinch of salt.

News Source: DigiTimes