Redesigned iMac Featuring Apple Silicon May Miss out on Face ID Security, Says New Report

Omar Sohail
Redesigned iMac Featuring Apple Silicon May Miss out on Face ID Security, Says New Report

The new iMac line is reported to be Apple’s first major design overhaul in years. This will mean slimmer bezels and a thinner form factor. Since the new iMac series will use Apple’s custom chipsets, a thicker chassis won’t require a sophisticated cooling solution. With the new design, we can also expect new features like Face ID to debut on the upcoming machines, right? A new report believes the feature won’t arrive for the first iteration, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other aspects to look forward to.

Face ID Was Originally Planned for the New Apple Silicon iMac Models but Looks Like It Won’t End up on the Upcoming Models

Besides providing information about a new MacBook Air, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman talks about the new iMac models featuring slimmer bezels but not supporting Face ID. The new versions could drop during Q1, 2021, with the new iPad Pro-like design signifying Apple shifting away from Intel processors in favor of its in-house solutions. The report also mentions that the technology giant has developed support for Face ID and cellular connectivity support for its Macs.

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Unfortunately, none of the two features appear to materialize for future models. No reasoning is given for why this is, but if you believe that Face ID was a top priority for you, you’ll have to wait for the second iteration of the Apple Silicon iMac. However, if more performance means anything to you, then you’ll likely be anticipating their arrival. Looking at what Apple’s 5nm M1 brings to the table when fueling the company’s newest Macs, we can only expect positive things from whatever powers the next iMac.

One report claims that the redesigned iMac will be treated to a desktop-class A14T silicon, one that’s made using TSMC’s 5nm technology. A different report mentions that Apple is developing the M2 chipset, so there is quite a lot of conflicting info. Since there isn’t any concrete info available, we’ll advise our readers to be patient because in the coming weeks, we’ll get to know more about Apple’s products, so stay tuned.

You can also check out how this redesigned Apple Silicon iMac might look in the latest concept below.

Image Credits - Apple Tomorrow

News Source: Bloomberg

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