Apple Now Lets You Add up to 8TB of NVMe Storage on the New Mac Pro

2019 Mac Pro Can Now Be Configured With 8TB of NVMe Storage

When Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro was available to order on the company’s website, it could only be configured up to 4TB of PCIe NVMe SSD. That’s something extremely bizarre to hear because even the 16-inch MacBook Pro can be configured up to 8TB of the same storage. Fortunately, it didn’t take Apple too long to roll out an updated option, letting power users upgrade from 256GB offered on the base model, to 8TB ‘megabyte crunching’ storage.

Configuring up to 8TB for the 2019 Mac Pro Will Set Potential Buyers Back by an Additional $2,600 if They Look at the Base Model First

A while back, we reported that the most expensive Mac Pro during the time of configuration would set the customer back by a whopping $53,247.98. Now, you’ll have to add an extra $1,200 and that total will go up to $54,447.98, assuming you’re a complete baller and plan to purchase a fully-decked out version of the new Mac Pro. The storage itself is ultra-fast and will help out creative professionals and power users to take advantage of those ‘over the top’ read and write speeds to ease up their workflow in demanding applications.

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Unfortunately, as demonstrated by iFixit’s detailed teardown, the Mac Pro’s SSD isn’t user-replaceable. What that means is that even though you can physically remove it, since it is tied to Apple’s T2 security chip, you can’t add more storage yourself, unless there’s another way, which there is. Thanks to a plethora of PCIe ports, the Mac Pro is as upgradeable as a powerful workstation can get. You can simply add more PCIe cards with available M.2 bays to accommodate multiple PCIe NVMe SSDs and populate your storage as you would on your PC.

That honestly makes us wonder; why would users bother to pay the ‘Apple premium’ when they can just save a few bucks and upgrade the storage themselves? Well, for a lot of users out there, they just want a machine that they want to power on and start working on it immediately without jumping through extra steps along the way, and one of them happens to be periodically upgrading it from time to time. If you’re that user, Apple has the ideal storage upgrade option for you.

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