16-inch MacBook Pro Software Fix for ‘Popping’ Sound Issues Will Arrive Soon in a Future Update

16-inch MacBook Pro Software Fix for Popping Sound Will Arrive Soon

Just a day ago, users were reporting about a ‘popping’ or ‘clicking’ sound emanating from Apple’s latest 16-inch MacBook Pro. Having a paid a premium for the portable Mac, users would obviously believe that they received the very best the industry had to offer and after witnessing this problem, a few of them also decided to exchange their units for brand new ones. Thankfully, Apple’s reportedly working on a 16-inch MacBook Pro software fix, which should arrive in a future update.

Leaked Memo Has Ensured That the 16-inch MacBook Pro Software Fix Will Roll out in the Coming Months

The leaked memo that MacRumors got a hold of that was shared with Apple Authorized Service Providers states the following:

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“If a customer hears a popping sound when playback is stopped on their MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)

When using Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, QuickTime Player, Music, Movies, or other applications to play audio, users may hear a pop come from the speakers after playback has ended. Apple is investigating the issue. A fix is planned in future software updates. Do not set up service, or replace the user's computer, as this is a software-related issue.”

This pretty much confirms that a 16-inch MacBook Pro software fix will arrive in the future, but the disappointing thing about this memo leak is Apple hasn’t provided any confirmation related to the fix’s release date. To recap, ‘popping’ or ‘clicking’ noises that users reported about earlier don’t appear to be related to a hardware defect, so that’s a good sign. That last thing Apple would want on its hands is a problem that’s isolated on the hardware front, meaning more repairs would be needed.

Therefore, if you are a current-generation user and are upset about this problem, you can rest easy knowing that a 16-inch MacBook Pro software fix will be released in the future. Knowing Apple, it shouldn’t take that long, but we’ll still keep you updated on this.

News Source: MacRumors

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