Apple Silicon Mac Pro Is Reportedly Being Tested With macOS 13.3; Launch Details Provided In New Update

Omar Sohail
Apple Mac Pro
Mac Pro featuring an all-metal enclosure

Apple is said to be testing its new macOS 13.3 update on the upcoming Mac Pro. The company seemingly wants the latest software to run on its most powerful machine to date, and according to its previous launches, we might have a clue when the workstation launches.

New update through tweet claims that macOS 13.3 will launch in Spring, which may also be when the Mac Pro launches

With macOS 13.3 said to launch in Spring, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has stated in a tweet that the Mac Pro may also launch during this time. To bring you up to speed, macOS 12.3 was released in March 2022, while macOS 11.3 launched in April 2021. Spring starts in late March in the U.S. and ends in late June, which only means that we should keep our eyes peeled for both the software and Mac Pro announcements during this time.

There is no word on what new features will accompany macOS 13.3, but it will likely be optimized for the Mac Pro. The changes will likely be provided in the software log when Apple officially announces the update, but we feel that macOS 13.3 could be tailor-made to play well with the M2 Ultra chipset that is expected to be a part of the Mac Pro’s internals.

Previously, it was reported that the M2 Extreme SoC would not be a part of the hardware specifications as it got canceled. That only means that the M2 Ultra will be Apple’s most powerful custom silicon and will be dedicated to the Mac Pro. Gurman, who earlier said that the workstation would be around half the size of the Intel-based, now believes that Apple will retain the same chassis for the newer version, which may disappoint some potential buyers.

Also, unlike the current Mac Pro featuring Intel’s Xeon processors, the RAM will not be user-upgradeable because the memory will be a part of the M2 Ultra die and cannot be removed. Perhaps we will get a significantly improved version when Apple announces its successor with a smaller chassis design, but for now, this is what we are expected to see in Spring.

News Source: Mark Gurman

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