Apple Could Stick to LCD Tech for Cheapest iPhone 12 Version – Company Reportedly Plans to Launch Six Models in 2020


This year, Apple released three new iPhones and the general consensus is that in fall 2020, the Cupertino giant will follow up with the release of three new models, all with OLED displays and support for 5G connectivity. However, a previously published report updated us on Apple’s rumored plans, now stating that the company could introduce a total of four new members hailing from the iPhone 12 family, but here, we have even more exciting news to share with you. Turns out that Apple might end up launching a total of six new versions for its new lineup, and if you’re interested to see which model you could end up making as your daily driver, continue reading on.

For 2020, Apple Could Release a Total of Seven Models; Six iPhone 12 Members, and One iPhone SE 2

According to the report, Apple will release six iPhone 12 models in total in the second half of 2020. First up, there will presumably be a relatively cheaper iPhone 12 variant with a 6.1-inch LCD display, dual rear cameras, and 4G connectivity. This is at odds with the reports we have been hearing previously, which alleged that Apple will completely part ways with LCD technology for its fall lineup this year. However, given that this year’s relatively cheaper LCD touting iPhone 11 is apparently doing considerably well, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple churns out an affordable model next year as well.

Apple Has Failed in Its Quest to Develop Its in-House 5G Modem, Qualcomm Will Remain Exclusive Supplier for iPhone 15 Series

Moving on, the report claims that Apple also plans to release two 5.4-inch iPhone 12 models with OLED screens and dual rear cameras in both 4G and 5G flavors. Similarly, it is being alleged that the company will release two 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro variants with triple real cameras and Time-of-Flight 3D sensing features in LTE and 5G configurations. Lastly, there will apparently be a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it’s been rumored to be available in just a 5G-ready model. As for which 5G modem is expected to be present in all three models, rumor has it that Qualcomm will be supplying Apple its Snapdragon X55, which to remind you, is backwards compatible with previous-gen networking standards like 4G.

Such a huge lineup is out of character for Apple and if you also add the iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 that’s expected during the end of March for next year, you are looking at seven new iPhones for 2020. That being said, 5G coverage is still not ubiquitous right now and if you recall, Samsung’s this year’s flagship series also contained numerous models because of the addition of 5G. After all, why would consumers want to pay for 5G if networks haven’t gone live in their market?

Thus, as outlandish as the Rosenblatt report sounds (via 9to5Mac), it might actually turn out to be true. However, given that the iPhones 12 isn’t expected to make a debut anytime soon, we will have to wait for a pretty long time to find out the exact number of models will materialize, so keep up with us for upcoming updates.