Apple Reportedly Prepping a 4G-Only iPhone 12, but It’s Expected to Arrive in 2021


Unlike some regions, 5G connectivity hasn’t rolled out in a lot of countries, making it pointless to launch a 5G iPhone 12 in these areas. This would give the 4G-only iPhone 12 unveiling a lot more relevance, but according to the latest report, this model, or models, depending on what Apple wants, is rumored to arrive in 2021.

So Far, Cheapest Non-5G Version of iPhone 12 Is Rumored to Cost $549

A research note by Wedbush Securities Analyst Dan Ives that was spotted by Business Insider states that Apple intends on launching a 4G-only variant of the iPhone 12 that’s also expected to be a lot cheaper. This means that instead of four models arriving later this year, Apple may have plans to release a total of five different versions. However, considering that the cheapest version of the iPhone 12 is rumored to start from $549, we’re not sure what price Apple will target for this, especially considering that the company is also selling a 4G-only 2020 iPhone SE for $399.

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However, it’s also possible that one of the iPhone 12 family members is delayed and will most likely be arriving in 2021. At this point though, Apple might launch a 4G-only version of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 since that happens to be the only affordable offering at this point that will allow Apple to penetrate emerging smartphone markets. There’s also a possibility that with the launch of the 4G-only iPhone 12, Apple reduces the price of the current-generation iPhone SE, as one rumor pointed out that the tech giant may reduce the price of this handset by $100 next year.

Of course, since this latest info surrounding the iPhone 12 is a little different and inconsistent with what we’ve been hearing for a couple of months now, we’ll advice our readers to treat all of this with a pinch of salt. According to a previous report, Apple will announce the new iPhone family in September, so there’s only next month remaining to see what the company has in store for us, so stay tuned.

News Source: Business Insider