Android 10 Breaks Wi-Fi on Some Pixel 2 Devices


Software updates and broken Pixel features have been an iconic duo for years. Time and again, we've had several instances of some feature or the other breaking due to a seemingly harmless software update. Only recently, some Pixels started shutting down randomly. It is unclear as to what triggered the Pixel 3 shutdown, but some people speculate that it is a software issue as replacements did little in the way of mitigating the problem.

Now, another problem seems to have emerged for Google Pixel 2 users. According to several reports on the official Google Product Forums, several Pixel 2 units are experiencing intermittent Wifi connectivity after installing the Android 10 update.

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Users claim that they are able to connect to a WiFi network, but unable to access the internet. Others are unable to join existing networks, which show up as 'saved'. Forgetting the SSID, and other troubleshooting steps seem to do nothing. Interestingly, even some OnePlus 6 users experienced a similar issue when they installed the OxygenOS 10 update. Meanwhile, another set of users are unable to connect to Wifi networks at all. The ones who are able to connect often find their connection dropping intermittently. There are some scattered reports of impaired Bluetooth connectivity as well.

The only foreseeable solution at the moment is to downgrade the Pixel 2 to Android 9 Pie. It can be particularly tricky, considering that Android doesn't play nice with software downgrades. The process results in a complete wipe of your device, so it involves some data loss as well. Some users have been fortunate enough to receive replacement devices loaded with Android Pie, so their ordeal isn't nearly as painful as manually downgrading the software. Google is yet to officially acknowledge the problem, and we'll let you know once it does.

Do you happen to own a Pixel 2 and are experiencing intermittent WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity after installing Android 10? Let us know in the comments below