Some Pixel 3 Phones are Shutting Down Randomly on their Own Like the Nexus 6P and No One Knows Why


It's that time of year again when Pixels began to exhibit unpredictable behavior. Despite all the benefits they offer, Pixels are known to suffer from random issues that pop up from time to time. A few Pixel 3 and 3 XL owners are now complaining that their battery life is getting unpredictable below the 30% mark. The problems range from sudden drops in the battery to random shutdowns.

People have had their Pixel 3 units shut down randomly since as early as April

A lot of the problems Pixels face often surface early and are shrugged off as statistical outliers. The Google Pixel 3's battery drain was no different and reports started emerging as early as April this year. For most users, the trouble starts when their devices have about 20 to 30% battery left. The battery then drains rapidly. Some people claim they can see the battery indicator perform a macabre countdown. Others claim that their phone just dies without any warning.

Users Can Repair Their Google Pixel Phones Thanks to iFixit

Google Support has little in the way of a solution. All the standard troubleshooting steps such as performing a factory reset, booting the phone in safe mode and uninstalling any errant apps don't work. The only real solution is here is an RMA, and for an unfortunate few, even that doesn't work. One Reddit user says that his third Pixel 3 replacement was also exhibiting the same symptoms.

The random shutdowns are reminiscent of what the Nexus 6P had some years ago

Back in 2016, several Nexus 6P users reported battery problems after receiving the Android 7.0 update. The phone powered down when the battery gauge still shows anywhere from 10 to 60% battery remaining. A class-action lawsuit was filed later and Google had to shell out nearly $10 million for the gaffe.

At this moment, there is no solution to the problem. It is very likely a software issue, considering that replacement devices also exhibit the same symptoms. Google is yet to officially address the issue and I'll update the article once they issue a statement.

In the meanwhile, do you have a Pixel 3 and are experiencing random shutdowns at less than 30% battery? Let us know in the comments below.

News Source: Android Police