Acer EL491CRG9 Is The Next 49-Inch Ultra-Wide Monitor To Feature The VESA DisplayHDR 2000 Certification [Updated]


Update 4/22/2021: In the statement below, Acer has stated that the information surrounding the specifications of the Acer EI491CRG9 is incorrect:

The information in recent reports regarding an Acer “EI491CRG9” monitor is incorrect, and we do not produce such a model with said specifications. We have requested the listing to be removed.

The new VESA DisplayHDR 2000 certification is starting to make its way onto monitors with the first of them being 49-inch ultrawide monitors. Just last week, we saw the Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor be the first to feature the VESA DisplayHDR 2000 certification, and now the Acer EL491CRG9 is the next to feature it as seen on a Taobao listing.

The Acer EL491CRG9 And Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitors Have Almost Identical Display Specifications

The Acer EL491CRG9 is a 49-inch ultra-wide monitor with a 5120×1440 resolution. For gaming, it takes advantage of a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GTG response time. On top of that, it supports both NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. The panel features an aspect ratio of 32:9 which can essentially replace two 16:9 QHD monitors.

VESA Announces That The DisplayHDR 2000 Certification Does Not Exists

The panel has a 1000R curvature and Mini LED technology with 2048 local dimming zones. The peak brightness of the monitor is 2000 nits (cd/m2). It also features a 12-bit color depth and 95% DCI-P3 color coverage. It features three HDMI 2.x ports and one DisplayPort 1.x port which is one more HDMI port than seen on the Samsung Odyssey G9.

After looking at all of the features of the Acer EL491CRG9, there are many similarities between it and the Samsung Odyssey G9. Almost all the specifications of the display are the same between the two monitors. The minor difference between the display is the 12-bit color depth on the Acer EL491CRG9 and the 10-bit color depth on the Samsung Odyssey G9. It wouldn't be surprising if both the Acer EL491CRG9 and the Samsung Odyssey G9 use the same panel as they are almost identical. Even both of them feature 'G9' at the end of the name.

The current listing price is 14,999 RMB which converts to $2,300 which is half the price of the Samsung Odyssey G9 at 29,999 RMB which converts to $4,600. However, these prices are not official and are subject to change.