Philips Announces the 498P9Z Ultrawide Monitor


Philips has announced a new ultrawide monitor, called the Philips 498P9Z monitor, which features a screen size of 49" and a refresh rate of 165 Hz. The larger screen size is ideal for both productivity and a gaming setup as the curvature and high refresh rate allow for a much higher level of immersion in high-action gaming moments. The Philips 498P9Z monitor is expected to be available in August at a price of £899.

The Philips 498P9Z Ultrawide Monitor offers a 49" screen size with a high refresh rate of 165 Hz, perfect for productivity and gaming

The Philips 498P9Z Ultrawide Monitor offers some fantastic features, including the high-resolution, fast refresh rate, and support for Adaptive-Sync technology. It features a resolution of 5120 x 1440 with an aspect ratio of 32:9, allowing this monitor to replace two 27" displays in a multi-monitor setup. This monitor's screen features a curvature of 1800R, which allows for a much more immersive gaming experience, a wider field of view. It lessens any eye strain which can occur during longer gaming sessions.

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In addition to the 1800R curvature, this monitor has a LowBlue Mode which significantly reduces the blue light emitted by the monitor. This reduction may be perfect for a home office, where you may be spending hours in front of this screen.

This monitor offers a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz and support for adaptive sync, which allows for smooth action by syncing the monitor's refresh rate with the frames being produced by your monitor. This technology can also reduce eyestrain allowing for longer gaming sessions.

It features a built-in KVM switch that allows you to switch your currently connected keyboard and mouse between any connected PCs. This feature is perfect for a multi-PC streaming setup or for anyone that utilizes two PCs in their everyday life.

When utilizing an HDMI port, the maximum refresh rate is 75 Hz, while the DisplayPort offers a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz. The Philips 498P9Z Ultrawide Monitor is slated to be available in August of this year with an expected price of £899, making it an ideal upgrade for nearly anyone's PC setup.