VESA Announces That The DisplayHDR 2000 Certification Does Not Exists


Both the Samsung Odyssey G9 and Acer EL491CRG9 were thought to have the VESA DisplayHDR 2000 certification as seen on Taobao listings. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has come out and said that such monitors could not possibly have a VESA DisplayHDR 2000 certification since it does not exist.

VESA DisplayHDR 2000 Does Not Exist, Leaving DisplayHDR 1400 As The Highest Possible Certification

The Samsung Odyssey G9 and Acer EL491CRG9 were both 49-inch curved ultrawide monitors with a peak brightness of 2000 nits (cd/m2) and MiniLED backlighting with 2048 local dimming zones. With those specifications, the monitors would fall under the DisplayHDR 2000 certification if it existed. These monitors will most likely have the DisplayHDR 1400 certification. Below is the official statement from VESA.

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During the past week, the Chinese retail website Taobao has listed two display products that have a VESA certified “DisplayHDR 2000” logo — an updated Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor as well as a new Acer EI491CRG9 monitor. In addition, several media outlets have reported that these monitors have received “DisplayHDR 2000” certification from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). VESA wishes to set the record straight on this development. There is no “DisplayHDR 2000” tier in the VESA DisplayHDR specification and logo program at this time.

VESA has no knowledge of the origins of the DisplayHDR 2000 logo currently posted on these display listings on the Taobao website. However, VESA takes any misuse of our trademarks and logos seriously. VESA does not endorse the use of this logo unless and until a DisplayHDR 2000 tier has been officially announced by VESA, and any products claiming to meet this tier level have been officially certified by VESA and are listed on our website at

Until the website displays DisplayHDR 2000, any such logo usage should be assumed to be unapproved and deceptive.

VESA has come out and said it doesn't exist, but that doesn't mean it isn't under development. Both the Samsung Odyssey G9 and Acer EL491CRG9 have not been released so we could be seeing DisplayHDR 2000 later in the future. At the moment, the highest certification that exists is DisplayHDR 1400.

VESA has come out and said that the DisplayHDR 2000 certification does not exist and that these monitors can't possibly feature it. We may see it in the future, but as of now, it only goes up to DisplayHDR 1400.