MSI ‘s Optix MAG161 is a portable 240Hz monitor.

Evan Federowicz

The MSI Optix MAG161 is an amazingly fast portable monitor that runs at 240 Hz monitor along with being with 1920x1080 resolution.

The Optix MAG161 is a 15.6-inch 1080p resolution that runs at an amazingly fast 240 Hz.

Information about this upcoming project, that will be announced at CES and MSI is an innovation award honoree, is very scarce here is the article from CES. The best way to look at this portable gaming display is a laptop display without the driving force of the laptop.

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This monitor has many features including:

  • Being a portable monitor
    • The total weight of this is seemingly very low as this monitor is only 5 mm thick in total.
  • a 240 Hz frame rate
    • The portable monitor runs at the amazing 240 Hz frame rate, which is perfect to be used as an extra display on your desktop.
    • This frame rate will make sure that you will never see a stutter or frame drops if your graphics card can handle pushing out all of those frames.
  • Both USB Type-C and HDMI connection
    • The MAG 161 allows for USB Type-C connection to display your laptop VIA a powered USB type-C hub that would allow you to connect multiple monitors without any issue.
    • This monitor also has a full-sized HDMI port.
  • 3 millisecond response time
    • The 3 Millisecond response time makes sure that there are no screen artifacts left on the screen allowing for seamless immersive gameplay.

The Optix MAG161 has received the CES innovation award honoree, which might cause an issue with ASUS seeing as they created the AUS ROG Strix XG17 which released earlier this year and offers the same 240 Hz that the MSI MAG161. The ROG Strix XG17 actually offers a bigger screen for their version of the 1080p 240 Hz portable monitor.

When this display is up for sale, it will be an amazing portable monitor for the laptop gamer on the go depending on the price seeing as even the ROG Strix Go XG17 doesn't have their pricing available yet, and MSI has not released how much the Optix MAG161 will cost either, unfortunately, although you can bet that the price is going to be fairly expensive.

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