2020 iPad Pro Performance Numbers Get Shared by Redditor; A12Z Bionic Nearly Identical to A12X Bionic in Two Tests


The 2020 iPad Pro performance results were shared by a Redditor as the slate was apparently shipped to the customer earlier than expected. Naturally, the first thing the new iPad owner decided to do is run some benchmarks, just to see how different the A12Z Bionic is from the A12X Bionic running in the 2018 iPad Pro family. Turns out not that much, and here are the results for you to see.

A12Z Bionic Actually Gets Beat by A12X Bionic in AnTuTu, Which Could Be the Result of Poor Software Optimization

Reddit user ‘Zindexed’ became a lucky customer after receiving the 2020 iPad Pro, and just like we’ve seen on previous occasions, the slate was taken through its paces just to see how different it is from its predecessor from a performance perspective. Sadly, you’ll be disappointed by these 2020 iPad Pro performance results, and it’s something that popped up before too, courtesy of earlier leaked AnTuTu figures, revealing the A12Z Bionic isn’t all the different from the A12X Bionic.

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The same pattern is seen here because in Geekbench 5, the 11-inch 2020 iPad Pro performance numbers reveal a score of 1114 in single-core tests and 4654 in multi-core tests. In comparison, the 11-inch 2018 iPad Pro obtains 1113 in single-core tests, and 4608 in the multi-core results. Fortunately, the new iPad Pro fared a little better in Metal scores, obtaining a score of 9894, while the previous-generation tablet accumulated 9020.

The AnTuTu benchmark was also run, with the 2020 iPad Pro performance results given below. Strangely, these are actually lower than what the 2018 model got, and we believe it could be the result of poor software optimization, though it isn’t confirmed if that’s the case.

11-inch 2020 iPad Pro

CPU - 187648

GPU - 348519

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Memory - 71476

11-inch 2018 iPad Pro

CPU - 184553

GPU - 357335

Memory - 90598

As you can see, the 2020 iPad Pro loses in both GPU and memory tests, while only just zipping past its predecessor in the CPU results. Of course, this isn’t going to be the end of this performance comparison and we’re confident that more results are on the horizon, so stay tuned.

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News Source: Reddit