2020 iMac Won’t Feature Face ID, but Is Said to Get a Design, Display and Storage Upgrade

2020 iMac Won’t Feature Face ID, but Is Said to Get a Design, Display and Storage Upgrade

Despite an earlier rumor suggesting the arrival of Face ID for the 2020 iMac, it looks like Apple isn’t ready to implement this feature in its upcoming redesigned ‘all in one’. Sure, the exterior is said to receive a change that will be inspired by the new iPad Pro, but this year doesn’t look to be the year when users will be able to unlock their new machine using facial recognition. That’s not really a deal-breaker, depending on how you look at things, because there will be other changes to look forward to.

Apple Said to Get Rid of the Fusion Drive on the 2020 iMac, Along With Adding More Powerful AMD Navi GPU Solutions

The update comes from none other than Jioriku, who has been on a roll as far as Apple products are concerned. This time, he’s delivered rather disappointing news surrounding the 2020 iMac, stating that Face ID isn’t going to be part of the hardware. Regardless, the display is said to get a major upgrade. For starters, the new iMac will sport bezels as thin as the Pro Display XDR, but it isn’t confirmed if the new machine will also tout the same boxier design as Apple’s $5000 monitor.

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In the ongoing Twitter thread, it’s also mentioned that the 2020 iMac will feature Liquid Retina display technology, the same tech that’s present on devices like the 2020 iPad Pro and the iPhone 11. This may result in improved brightness levels, higher contrast ratios, and a better calibrated display, but none of these metrics have been confirmed by rumors or leaks, so it’s best to wait until WWDC 2020 is over to find out more.

As for the storage, Apple is rumored to get rid of the slower Fusion Drive present on the previous-generation iMac models, possibly replacing it with much faster PCIe NVMe storage. We believe this change was long overdue as creative professionals will likely want a more responsive iMac that can effortlessly tackle the more intensive applications as high read/write speeds will make the experience enjoyable.

The 2020 iMac is also said to receive a T2 security chip, followed by AMD Navi graphics. Jioriku didn’t confirm how many models will be available down the road, but an earlier rumor talked about Apple working on an affordable 23-inch iMac, so let us find out during WWDC what the company’s plans are. While you wait for the keynote to kick off tomorrow, you can also take a look at this unique and beautiful iMac concept that takes inspiration from Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

News Source: Twitter (Jioriku)

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