Xiaomi Mi 8 Unboxing – A Closer Look at the Flagship, Its Design, and all Accessories That Come With It


Xiaomi Mi 8 is now official, along with different variants called the Mi SE and Mi 8 Explorer Edition. We now take a closer look at the phone via unboxing pictures, while also taking into account the accessories that the company has generously bundled.

Xiaomi Mi 8 - No Headphone Jack, No in-Display Fingerprint Reader but Dual-Speaker System, Dual Cameras and a Notch That Hides an Advanced 3D Face Unlock Feature

From what we can tell in the images, the Xiaomi Mi 8 does not feature a headphone jack, since that is the trend going around with smartphone these days. The company has compensated future customers with a dual-speaker speaker but there is no speaker integrated with the earpiece, which would have otherwise provided a decent sound experience in my opinion.

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If you simply need to attach audio peripherals, you can do that with the Type-C USB to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. There is a data cable and power brick provided. As we reported earlier, the Xiaomi Mi 8 was going to provide support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0+ technology, but it is not confirmed if the power brick provided with the smartphone is an accessory that supports this technology.

The in-display fingerprint reader is not present in this variant, but it is present in the Mi 8 Explorer Edition (we have explained everything there is to know about in-display biometrics here). There is a fingerprint reader at the front but if you want to take advantage of something more advanced, the 3D face unlock feature is also present at your disposal.

The dual-camera at the back does not sit flush with the body of the smartphone and it if is made out of glass and accidentally gets dropped, the impact can damage that protective layer of glass. As a precaution, purchase a phone case that makes the dual-camera-lens system sit slightly behind the case so that it does not crack when dropped.

The earpiece of the Xiaomi Mi 8 is placed in the dead center while the notch is pretty darn wide so that it can accommodate all those sensors. We still cannot understand why Xiaomi retained a chin bezel. I mean the whole point of using an AMOLED panel was that the chin bezel would be removed with only the notch retained. Xiaomi must have had its reasons for keeping this design and we will not be surprised to see more devices like these getting released in the future.

News Source: MIUI