Xiaomi Mini Host ‘Mini PC’ Pictures Leak Out, 100W PSU & Dual-Slot GPU Support

Hassan Mujtaba
Xiaomi Mini Host 'Mini PC' Pictures Leak Out, 100W PSU & Dual-Slot GPU Support 1

Xiaomi is a well-established name in the mobility segment with a host of well-known smartphones and laptops under its Mi range but the company is planning to unveil its first desktop PC, the Host, which will feature a small form factor 'Mini PC' design.

Xiaomi To Enter The PC Segment With The Host SFF Mini PC, Rocking A 100W PSU As Default With Support For Dual-Slot GPUs

Update: In addition to the Xiaomi Mini Host, there's another SFF form factor design that the OEM will be offering. This design will be similar to a NUC and will feature the AMD Ryzen 7 6800H APU with a Radeon 680M iGPU, 16 GB memory, 512 GB SSD, and a price of 3999 RMB or $570 US.

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The Xiaomi Host Mini PC was supposed to be unveiled yesterday but the Mi 13 series launch event has been postponed to a later date for unknown reasons. Regardless, we did get a brief look at the Host Mini PC through a leak over at Weibo which shows us a very small PC chassis with a fresh new design.


The PC Chassis is a barebone kit that doesn't seem to feature any internal hardware except the PSU which is confirmed to be an XM22AL5X unit with a 100W power rating. This is a very SFF and portable design and seems to be custom-made based on the nameplate that it comes with. The chassis might give users the option to upgrade this supply since it also comes with at least 2 slots for dGPU installation however these would be low-profile & half-height designs due to the limited room available with the case.

The outside of the Xiaomi Host Mini PC features a matte black design with hexagonal patterns. The sides don't feature any ventilation and neither does the front however it is possible that there will be some sort of breathing room available on the top and bottom of the chassis. The back features room for two 80 or 90-mm fans. There's also the motherboard I/O plate cut-out which has enough room to support a Mini-ITX motherboard.

Xiaomi Mini Host

The most interesting part of this case is the mechanical key on the back which can be used with the key cap shipped with the package. Xiaomi has placed a special function on the PC when users press the Win+M combination. On Windows 11, that would lead to all your windows getting minimized but it may serve a different purpose on this particular PC. We don't know the specs yet but Xiaomi has long been using Intel hardware in their PCs and the Host Mini PC might do the same. With the event now rescheduled to a later date, we might have to wait a few more days before we get more information on the new PC.

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