Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Allows You To Attach Full-Sized Lenses Onto the Phone

Furqan Shahid
Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept Allows You to Attach Full-Sized Lenses onto the Phone

All the modern, high-end smartphones share one thing... an excellent camera system. You are getting access to the main camera, an ultra-wide camera, a telephoto camera, and sometimes, a macro camera, as well. Although these cameras are excellent, you cannot attach full-sized lenses that you would normally attach to a mirrorless camera. Well, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept is looking to change that.

Want to Attach a Lens to Your Smartphone? The Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept is Going to Let You Do Just That

Xiaomi has gone ahead and introduced the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept in partnership with Leica, and if you know Leica, you know those people know innovation and considering how Xiaomi is at the bleeding edge with them, we are not surprised. The new concept allows you to attach a full-sized lens to a smartphone. Yes, that is what we have seen.

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You can look at the image below to have a better understanding.

In addition to that, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept is also sporting a duo of one-inch sensors, including a center-mounted sensor that can attach to the lens module. It is safe to guess that the company is using Sony's IMX989 camera sensor that we have seen on the standard 12S Ultra.

Xiaomi did reveal some interesting details, however. The company has said that the new concept is using an M-mount, which means that all M-mount lenses should be supported. You are also getting features such as focus peaking, zebra lines, histogram, as well as 10-bit RAW shooting that should be miraculous for smartphone photography. The company also revealed later that the phone is not going to be available commercially, which makes a lot of sense because a 1-inch sensor is still, well, smaller than a full-frame sensor and even an APS-C sensor, and in this case, spending money on a lens that costs more than the phone and then hindering the performance by using it on the phone would simply not be advised.

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