Xbox Series X Will Have the “Largest Launch Line-Up For Any Console Ever”, Nadella Says; Supposedly Launching This November

Aernout van de Velde
Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, will have the largest launch line-up of games for any console to date, according to CEO Satya Nadella.

Nadella said as much during Microsoft’s most recent earnings call with investors. “In content, we are delivering differentiated, first and third-party content to attract and retain gamers”, the CEO said. “Xbox Series X will launch this fall with the largest launch lineup for any console ever.”

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As expected, exact details on the launch lineup weren’t revealed, but it’s possible that the CEO is also referring to the Xbox titles from previous (and the current) generation that will be playable on the Series X at launch via the console’s backwards compatibility feature. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting statement from the CEO.

Further down in the call, Nadella talked about the possible further growth in the gaming sector, in which the Xbox Series X will play a large part in.

“So, we think going forward, Xbox, with the approach we're taking has much more of an ability to reach the 2-plus-billion gamers out there”, Nadella told investors. “And we're in the early days of building that out. And so, this quarter, of course, was stand out for many of the reasons because of the remote nature of how -- with lot of the activity happened. But -- and also, we have a new console, that's very much part of our strategy. But, we go beyond the console to the PC, we go to mobile, and we have the streaming service. So, all of these accrue to what we think in the long run is going to be a much bigger addressable market. And we have a great structural position. We have a social network in Xbox Live, obviously we have a store that monetizes super well, as well as we have the Game Pass subscription.”

In other Xbox Series X related news – we already suggested as much, but Microsoft’s appears to be launching the console this November. At least, that’s what CFO Amy Hood has reportedly told Bloomberg reporter Dina Bass.


Based on the wording, however, we’re unsure whether Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer replied to the “November” or “Holidays” part of Bass’ question.

Microsoft will showcase its first-party lineup for the Xbox Series X later today. As always, we will keep you updated.

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