Xbox One PUBG Patch 10 On Hold Due to Identified Issues that May Result in Degraded Player Experience


Xbox One PUBG Patch 10 has been delayed for a short period as the game’s development team has identified issues that may result in a degraded experience for players.

The hotfix was announced earlier this week following the release of Xbox patch #9 last week, and is aimed to fix various issues, including a revive bug and the double reload sound bug. The update was submitted to Microsoft for certification, but how now been put on hold for testing.

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“We identified some issues that may (emphasis on may) result in a degraded player experience”, Microsoft’s executive producer Nico Bihary (XboxNico) wrote on Reddit.

“To be safe we'll be keeping the build in test for another day or so and make a determination on launch timing, or resubmission after we've gotten more data.

I'll keep you in the loop.

Sorry for the delay folks, I'm honestly looking forward to these fixes too.”

We’ll update as soon as we learn more about the upcoming PUBG Xbox hotfix.