Xbox One PUBG Update 10 To Fix Double Reload Sound, Revive Bug and More


Xbox One PUBG update 10 is inbound according to Microsoft’s executive producer Nico Bihary.

According to the producer, who goes by the name of XboxNico on the PUBG Xbox One subreddit, the update is currently being tested and a final version is to be submitted for certification. We’ve included his Reddit post below:

PUBG Xbox One Patch 10 Rolled Out; Fixes Various Issues Following Update 9

“We have a version of our release build in test, with a final version to be submitted to Cert and QA tomorrow.

Here's our High-Pri Fix list: Revive bug, Footstep/Single Fire Weapon Audio, B and Y buttons functional while in-game map is activated, a handful of minor low risk fixes.

I'll circle back with an update once we head into final Cert with timing for release.”

Aside from the fixes mentioned above, the hotfix will also address the double reload sound.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch 9 for Xbox One was released last week. The game is available for both PC and Xbox One.