[Updated: Patch Notes] New PUBG Xbox Patch to Introduce Analog Movement, Faster XB1X Detailed Texture Loading, Improved Overall World Loading & More


[Update July 31] Bluehole has released the patch notes for today's PUBG Xbox hotfix, which will go live at 1am PDT / July 31, 10am CEST.

Analog Character Movement

  • As stated above, analog movement will be implemented with this hotfix. Currently, players only move in 8 directions (45 degrees between each direction). After the hotfix, players will be able to move at more accurate angles.


This hotfix addresses numerous bugs related to game crashes:.

  • Fixed an issue where toggling the mute option of a teammates mic caused the game to crash
  • Optimized physics surrounding chained/wooden fences that were destroyed by a vehicle
  • Fixed a sound issue which in some instances could cause the game to crash when windows were broken
  • Fixed an issue where the button guide when opening the Inventory caused the game to crash


We are introducing a few optimizations to improve game performance:

  • Optimized world loading so that assets will load at a faster rate
  • Improved loading speed of detailed textures on Xbox One X (assets will load at the same rate as before Update #17)
  • Optimized scoping at leaves and grass to reduce frame rate drops

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the sound of footsteps on sand was being played twice
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes player loot crates would not show after a player died

[Original story] Developer Bluehole is planning to deploy a new PUBG Xbox patch which will introduce analog movement, faster loading of detailed textures on the Xbox One X, and more.

PUBG Xbox One X Graphical Options Patch Being Finalized; Expected on the Game’s Test Server Soon

The developer announced the upcoming patch, which is slated for a release this week, in a new post on the official PUBG Xbox One forums. One of the biggest changes included via the hotfix is the addition of analog movement – a highly requested feature among Xbox players.

“Analog movement has been a popular request for a very long time and we’re very happy to announce that it will be patched next week with the hotfix”, community manager Oreoree wrote. “The current movement system resembles playing with a keyboard, where the character is only able to move in 8 directions. This restricted character movement freedom to only 45 degrees between each direction. With the introduction of analog movement, players will be able to move freely in 360 degrees with the left stick on the controller.”

Last week we already reported that Bluehole is looking to improve Xbox One X high quality texture rendering, and this upcoming hotfix seems to do just that. We’ve included some of the changes included with the patch down below:


Players are reporting continued instances of desync. We’re looking at all possible causes of this issue, including the technical side of our build. While we research, we’re planning on implementing a ping based matchmaking system so people with similar pings get matched with each other in an effort to reduce instances of desync. In addition, we strongly advise players to play on servers closest to their geographical location for better matchmaking and for better gameplay.

Upcoming Hotfix

We’ve already discussed the upcoming analog movement addition, but we’d like to quickly go over a few of the other upcoming changes. We’ll provide more detail on these when we release the hotfix patch notes.

- Overall world loading and level streaming improvements.

- Detailed textures will load up faster on Xbox One X.

- Improved footstep sounds when on sand.

- Fixed a bug where loot boxes would not show after a player has died.

- Fixed crashes in certain situations.

- Optimized scoping.

PUBG is available now for Xbox One and PC. We'll keep you updated as soon as this new hotfix goes live.