Windows 10 RTM Build NOT to Come Today – Release Now Expected Next Week

Rafia Shaikh

We reported earlier that Microsoft was going to release the Windows 10 RTM build today, on July 9. However, disheartening as you may find it, Redmond has put it off to a later date.

No Windows 10 RTM today!

Several sources had claimed that Microsoft was readying to release the RTM (release to manufacturing) milestone this week. Targeting July 9 for the release, we are already half way through the day. According to new reports again citing the "sources inside the company," it is not likely for Microsoft to release Windows 10 RTM today, in fact, it will now release the build in the middle of next week. You shouldn't be worried if you are the end user as the July 29 date of final release seems fixed and a delay of few days in the RTM milestone release won't affect the final release date. However, for insiders these next few days might feel like an excruciatingly long wait as they are always in for some new changes and features.

Not everyone will get Windows 10 on July 29 - Check our the roll-out strategy

Windows 10 RTM build is considered an important milestone because this build almost mirrors the final product. Hence the process of signing off on the RTM build takes a lot of steps and of course, time. Microsoft wouldn't want to release a build to manufacturing that is full of bugs or has significant issues. While we will definitely see more updates coming to the operating system in the later days, RTM is still considered a very important milestone as it's easier to perfect everything at hand rather than sending patches later on to the OEMs.

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