Another Windows 10 Build Expected This Week Before RTM on July 9

Rafia Shaikh

You have been waiting for more details on Windows 10 RTM build? Well, there's still another build to come before RTM is released later this week.

RTM releasing on July 9

Latest reports reveal that Microsoft is planning to sign off the release to manufacturing build on July 9. However, before that the company is aiming to release another build ahead of Thursday release of RTM. According to Neowin's "sources", Microsoft has confirmed that it will roll out "at least" one more build before the end of the week. We are currently on the 10162 build which was released later last week. This was followed by the leaked Windows 10 10163 release notes and screenshots. However, it is claimed that the aforementioned build will not be released to insiders due to some bugs and stability issues.

In a blog earlier today, Microsoft has talked about the "new features you’ll find with both apps in the build coming to Windows Insiders this week." These new features seem to have an increased emphasis on videos, movies, TV, and music.

Let’s start with Music. Our fans asked for faster ways to access the music they love – quickly, efficiently, and on their favorite devices. And for that, we’re proud to introduce the evolution of our current Xbox Music experience, now titled Groove, with new features we think you’re going to love. Groove describes what people feel and do with music, and is more intuitive for our Windows 10 customers on what they’ll find with the app.

And along with Groove, you’ll also find Xbox Video has also been renamed to Movies & TV, making the content in the app more identifiable for our broad customer base.

You can read more about these entertainment features on the company's official blog. It is unsure if the next Windows 10 build will be released before RTM or after it. While the RTM builds were considered a major milestone for previous Windows iterations, this year it's likely to be just another build with more stability than the preview builds.

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