Download All the Latest Windows 10 Mobile Wallpapers in HD

We shared with you images of the leaked Windows 10 Mobile build 10162 earlier. Windows 10 10162 was released by Microsoft last week but Mobile is yet to receive this update. Remember, another Windows 10 Mobile leak earlier in the day shared the specifics of build 10158. This leak also shared that Microsoft won't be releasing 10158, however, some 1016x build is expected to be released to insiders. From the looks of it, we guess it is this Windows 10 Mobile 10162 that earlier leak was talking about.

There aren't any major changes visible in the screenshots, however, a new wallpaper does come with this Windows 10 Mobile build. If you have been craving to get some new looks for your Windows phone, here is how to download Windows 10 Phone wallpaper for your own device. Before that, here are some details of this latest Windows Phone build:

  • Minor changes: few changes in the Store live tile. Store tile can now show featured apps.
  • One gorgeous new wallpaper.
  • Battery icon is now much larger.
  • Shows a dot when you touch the screen.

Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers now available:

All the Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers are now available thanks to the folks at MSMobile who have compiled the package. This entire package includes 9 Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers and the Windows 10 Hero image that we have already shared with you. These Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers are available in HD at 1920 x 1080 promising to give some crispy new looks to your Windows devices. You can download these beautiful wallpapers from the link shared below.

Download Windows 10 Mobile Wallpapers

Here's the Windows 10 Mobile 10162 gallery showing some minor UI changes, shared again for you guys.

windows 10 mobile 10162
windows 10 mobile 10162
windows 10 mobile 10162
windows 10 mobile 10162

Let us know how you feel about the looks of the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build. Remember, this build might be released to insiders; we will keep you folks posted.

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