The Windows 10 Review for the Windows 7 User: Misses More than It Gets


Windows 10: Cortanna

Microsoft Cortana WindowsThe beloved AI of the Halo franchise has made its way onto the Windows platform. @Microsoft

It goes without saying, that Cortana is a Digital Assistant that you really cannot judge immediately. Microsoft has attempted to create something phenomenal (whether they have succeed, only time will tell) with Cortana. During the setup, the user is asked to give up privacy on all sorts of data such as Location, Emails, Web Browsing etc. One use that Microsoft has of that data is to feed it into Cortana to create a digital assistant tailored to you. While its not exactly Samantha from Her, its close enough.

Windows 10's Cortana - "I am your shield... I am your sword."

The digital assistant will comb through your emails and keep track of shipments, flights etc. It will even recommend things it feels are of interest to you including but not limited to places to eat and news. All of this requires an internet connection. Infact, Windows 10 is very much assuming that every single user will have access to a basic Internet Connection - without which the full experience of the shiny new OS is close to impossible.

Currently the AI has limited access to the readers data, but it is already significant enough for the appearance of predicting the user's requirements. She is powered completely by the Bing Search Engine and will resort to search terms that she cannot understand and sometimes even terms she does. Although there are many bugs at this stage, the Cortana experience I suspect, will improve exponentially over time. Currently, users can entertain themselves by asking her snarky questions with (even snarkier) replies. An example would be asking her "Who's your daddy".