The Windows 10 Review for the Windows 7 User: Misses More than It Gets


Windows 10: Apps

The store App

The store App is where applications and features of Windows 10 can be added or expanded. It contains Apps such as the Calender App and also a wide variety of games mostly linked to the Xbox platform. Windows 8 users should be familiar with it while Windows 7 users will not be.

The Album and Photo App

The photo viewer has received an upgrade and is now much more streamlined and pleasant to the eye. A parental Collection application is also present which will serve as the organizer for all the photos on the PC.

The People App

The people application aggregates contacts and offers them all in one place. This isnt very useful for someone with access to a smartphone although I assume thanks to Continuum, anyone in possession of a Windows Phone will be able to benefit quite alot.

The Movies and TV App

This application is Microsoft's attempt to become an online movie rental store. With this application you can watch movies and tv shows online. This is a good alternative for people without access to Netflix.

The Groove Music App

Just like the Movies and TV show app, the groove music app wants users to buy songs and would serve as a store/organizer for any audio files on the PC. It can detect files already present as well. It is worth mentioning that Windows Media Player is still present on the installation by default.

The Mail App

Finally, we have the Mail App. Now this is something that is actually quite brilliant and should have been here ages ago. It is Microsoft's native offline mailing client that is as useful as it is pretty. Simply signing in with your user and you will be greeted with the familiar inbox of your Hotmail or Live address. Unfortunately however, the application is still in its infancy and suffers from syncing issues - many of which can be frustrating. Its worth mentioning that even with the bugs, this is one App that is a must use for any Windows 10 user.