Windows 10 Mobile to Begin Rolling Out on February 29 – Microsoft Mexico


Windows 10 Mobile was expected to roll out in December, and then in January. With a lack of official confirmation from Microsoft, some carrier reports indicated to a February release. Over this period of more than 3 months, several rumors and reports have given different roll out dates. Now, according to a post on Microsoft's Facebook page, Windows 10 Mobile will start rolling out on the 29th of this month.

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Windows 10 Mobile release to begin on 29th February:

Microsoft has been delaying the roll out of its latest mobile operating system for Windows Phone devices for a long time now. The company was supposed to release the firmware a couple of months back. Now, Microsoft Lumia Mexico's Facebook page reveals the Windows 10 Mobile release date to be 29th February.

Hello, the update to windows 10 will be available as from 29 February, but remember that not all devices will be able to do so. Greetings!

While Microsoft Mexico has shared this date on its official Facebook page, it's not clear whether this date is specific to the region or will 29th of February send everyone around the world the long-awaited operating system. Again, with the lack of Microsoft officially announcing a rollout date for Windows 10 Mobile globally, we can only hope that this is the date. If Microsoft Lumia Mexico is correct about this information, the company could very well start releasing the OS to the Windows Phone devices in other regions on the same day too.

Microsoft has been working to stabilize its mobile operating system before it's released to the public. Several of the last Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview builds have focused on performance improvements and under the hood optimizations. If you are a member of Windows Insider program, do you think the operating system is finally ready for a public release?

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