Windows 10 Mobile 10586.71 is a “Breeze” for 512MB Lumia Phones

Rafia Shaikh

[Update - March 17, 2016]: Microsoft confirms that 512MB Windows Phone devices will not receive Windows 10 Mobile update.

Microsoft has remained in the negative side of the press for failing to release its newest mobile operating system to the users. While we agree that the company could have done better by sharing a timeline that was possible to meet, it's certainly good to see that the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider previews are giving users a more stable performance on their devices. Windows 10 Mobile 10586.71, the very latest preview build that hit both the Fast and Slow rings last week, is making even the users of old Lumia phones super happy.

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Microsoft has worked long to iron out any flaws that are still plaguing the Windows 10 Mobile, making it a stable firmware before it is released to everyone. As we shared before, Gabe Aul had hinted that Windows 10 Mobile 10586.71 could be the version released to everyone. This shows that the folks at Redmond are finally confident about the mobile OS. A user report confirms this success on quite an unexpected device, which was then further corroborated by several other Windows Phone users.

Finally, I am enjoying a decent experience on the Lumia 630, similar to how it was on WP8.1. No more lag just to unlock the screen and the multiple loading screens between apps are reduced. Hopefully this means the rollout is very close.

Performance on Windows Phone devices, including those with only 512 MB of RAM, has significantly improved after the last preview release. Softpedia also confirms that their "Lumia 520 is running a lot faster than before after the update to this new build and the painful “resuming” screen that showed up every once in a while before this version is almost gone."

Not everyone is experiencing this "blazing fast" performance though, as a user commented in the same Reddit threat, "My L520 is running the same build but on the fast ring. Runs horribly." However, there are more positive user reports, indicating that the OS is indeed performing well on even the low and mid-range devices. Windows 10 Mobile 10586.71 brought in the following fixes and improvements.

  • Windows Update performance and reliability improvements
  • Improvements in migration of data profiles and messaging settings when upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1.
  • SensorCore API’s are now upgraded correctly from Windows Phone 8.1; allowing applications, including many fitness applications, to correctly access movement data.
  • SD card detection has been improved on boot and after insertion; File Explorer now handles the removal of an SD card when the default for apps or photos are set to SD.
  • Improvements in the Edge browser, including PDF rendering.
  • Bluetooth improvements when re-connecting to already paired devices and cars; turn by turn directions, and when using Cortana with the Microsoft Band.
  • Improvements in Settings when downloading Maps or changing Quick Settings.
  • Reinstalling Groove Music from the Windows Store no longer causes DRM music playback issues. Groove Music local song collections are now more quickly imported within the application
  • Device power improvements after listening to music, after missed phone calls when iris detection is disabled, and when downloading updates.
  • In app purchases now work correctly when cellular data is disabled.
  • Improvements to the reliability of Kids Corner.

If reports are to be believed, Windows 10 Mobile will be released to Lumia phones this February.

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