Wccf Talks Gaming Official Podcast – Will Kotick Quit? Marvel going Massive-Multiplayer Online


Episodes 40-49

Gamescom, Halo Infinite's Poor Look and Games Congestion in Early 2022 [Episode 49]

Studio Consolidation Con and is Platform Exclusivity Good or Bad [Episode 48]

Intel Core i5-12400 & Core i5-12600 Non-K Alder Lake CPUs Pushed Up To 5.2 GHz Through BCLK Overclocking, Achieve Up To 33% Faster Performance

Activision Gets Sued, Steam Deck Expectations, And Battlefield Portal Is Looking Good [Episode 47]

Sony Buying Studios, Kojima And Xbox? Switch OLED, and Assassins Creed As A Service [Episode 46]

Kojima Streaming Game, Dead Space Revival, BF2042, AND FSR [Episode 45]

E3 2021 Part 2 - Microsoft Makes its Mark, Challenging Sony? [Episode 44]

E3 2021 Part 1 - A Brand New Label Enters the Scene [Episode 43]

EVGA warranty changes & Step Up program downgraded, Is the company making up for their losses?

Koch Media comes out flying with a brand new publishing label, and a stacked line-up of games, making its mark on E3.

Sony DOES Actually Like Cross Gen, Deep Silver, Take 2, and overall E3 2021 Expectations [Episode 42]

Gearing up for E3 2021 and we've got some juicy topics ahead of it. Turns out Sony isn't as against the idea of cross-generation games as we originally were led to believe. Deep Silver isn't planning anything big for E3 but 2K Games has some pretty substantial leaks ahead of the show.

Deep Silver showing nothing
2K leak
PS5 Cross-gen

Microsoft And Sony Exclusives, Ubisoft Shifting To More FREEmium Titles [Episode 41]

Microsoft has essentially come out and made it clear that Starfield is MS Exclusive title. Sony is working on over 25 first-party titles including new IPs. Ubisoft is putting the annual releases on ice in favor of Premium Free To Play experiences.

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Netflix Is Game On, And Timesplitters Is Back Baby! [Episode 40]


We're seeing Netflix join into the gaming revolution more and more. Microsoft continues to do what they do. Take-Two has new games coming. Timesplitters is coming back, hoping for TS2 and not Future Perfect. And we're still playing games.

1) Netflix to move into more games get-into-games-even-more/

2) Microsoft quick recap - https://wccftech.com/starfield-nowhere-near-done-2022-release/ & https://wccftech.com/the-outer-worlds-taken-over-microsoft-take-two-surprise/

3) Take Two Announced Games


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