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Here at Wccftech, we not only write about games, but we also talk about them too. This is the official Wccf Talks Gaming Podcast archive. Feel free to bookmark this page as we'll be posting all our weekly gaming podcasts here and if you miss one? Well, you'll be able to find them quickly here along with links to the audio-only version for those who want to hear, but not see us.

Diablo 2 Hands-On, Sony, Delays, And Age of Empires 4 [Episode 36]

Apple to Potentially Announce New Podcasts Subscription Service on April 20

Alessio Talks hands-on with Diablo 2, We all talk about Sony and their boneheaded remakes and shutdowns. Delays hit Deathloop again, but is it something sinister this time? Age of Empires 4 catches criticism for looking like a free-to-play mobile game.

Audio only on Anchor.fm

More Delays, Goodbye PS3 and Vita Store, Alan Wake 2? Yes Please [Episode 35]

Chris takes the piss out of WB over Lego delay, Sony closing PS3 & Vita stores, MLB coming to Xbox Live, Outriders issues, Alan Wake 2 is coming - EGS exclusive!

Audio Only: Anchor.FM

Wccf Talks Gaming Ep2 – Epic Gets Unreal, Megatexture Revival, and PS4’s Swan Song

Surprise Publisher Ranks, Xbox Trying To Buy Discord, And More Games To Film [Episode 34]

Audio Only: https://anchor.fm/wccftech/episodes/Surprise-Publisher-Ranks--Xbox-Trying-To-Buy-Discord--And-More-Games-To-Film-Episode-34-etsaan

The latest Metacritic publisher rankings were a bit surprising. Microsoft continues to buy up everything in the gaming world, And we're entering the golden age of games to film!


*The rest of these exist, so bear with me as I get them all sorted.*

Talking Xbox Series S Hand-On And Another Cyberpunk 2077 Delay [Episode 19]


New console talks from Dave, Battle Royal Vampire Masquerade, LoL single-player game

Has Facebook Killed Oculus [Episode 18]

New console talks from Dave, Battle Royal Vampire Masquerade, LoL single-player game
Facebook makes some boneheaded decisions around Oculus and Stadia executives have some seriously hot takes when it comes to streamers

Microsoft Is Holding Bethesda Tight And GAMESTOP Is Still In The Game [Episode 17]

Phil Spencer of Microsoft has made some pretty condemning statements regarding whether non-Xbox platforms will get future Bethesda releases, but they're doing their part to help keep GAMESTOP afloat.

CD Project Red Crunching And Baldur's Gate 3 Impressions - Wccf Talks Gaming Ep 16

Audio Only Version: Audio Podcast Episode 16

CD Project Red has entered last-minute crunch on Cyberpunk 2077, and Chris gives us the rundown on Baldur's Gate 3 and much more.


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