Wccf Talks Gaming Official Podcast – Will Kotick Quit? Marvel going Massive-Multiplayer Online


Episodes 10-19

Talking Xbox Series S Hand-On And Another Cyberpunk 2077 Delay [Episode 19]

New console talks from Dave, Battle Royal Vampire Masquerade, LoL single-player game

Intel Core i5-12400 & Core i5-12600 Non-K Alder Lake CPUs Pushed Up To 5.2 GHz Through BCLK Overclocking, Achieve Up To 33% Faster Performance

Has Facebook Killed Oculus [Episode 18]

New console talks from Dave, Battle Royal Vampire Masquerade, LoL single-player game
Facebook makes some boneheaded decisions around Oculus and Stadia executives have some seriously hot takes when it comes to streamers

Microsoft Is Holding Bethesda Tight And GAMESTOP Is Still In The Game [Episode 17]

Phil Spencer of Microsoft has made some pretty condemning statements regarding whether non-Xbox platforms will get future Bethesda releases, but they're doing their part to help keep GAMESTOP afloat.

CD Project Red Crunching And Baldur's Gate 3 Impressions [Episode 16]

EVGA warranty changes & Step Up program downgraded, Is the company making up for their losses?

Audio Only Version: Audio Podcast Episode 16

CD Project Red has entered last-minute crunch on Cyberpunk 2077, and Chris gives us the rundown on Baldur's Gate 3 and much more.

What does the Bethesda buyout mean for gamers? [Episode 15]

The unthinkable has happened: Microsoft suddenly announced the acquisition of Bethesda Softworks, or more precisely its parent company Zenimax

PS5 Pricing and Availability Reveal [Episode 14]

Audio Only: Audio Podcast Episode 14

Just like we said, this is all about the pricing and availability of the Playstation 5 and our thoughts around it!

Our Reaction To Xbox Series S And Pricing [Episode 13]

Audio only: Audio Podcast Episode 13

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are all out in the open now, we know when they're coming and how much they're going to cost. Are we in? or ar we out?

NVIDIA pushes PC Gaming Forward and Are Nintendo Anti-consumer? [Episode 12]

Audio Only: https://anchor.fm/wccftech/episodes/N...

NVIDIA pushing the envelope in PC Gaming, Nintendo lays out new announcements (Chris thinks they're anti-consumer), Preorder raffles WHAT?! Oh, and we talk about the current games we're playing.

Gamescom Flopped And Sony Loves PC [Episode 11]

Audio Only: Audio Podcast Episode 11

Gamescom has come and gone and many didn't realize it happened. Sony is falling in love with additional sales they're seeing thanks to PC releases of first-party titles, a trend to continue?


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