Wccf Talks Gaming Official Podcast – Will Kotick Quit? Marvel going Massive-Multiplayer Online


Episodes 34-39

Microsoft Expands PC Gaming, Metro Exodus EE Talks, Kotick Cuts His Salary? [Episode 39]

Microsoft on PC gaming - possibly reducing fees to 12%, Activision Blizzard: Kotick cutting salary & bonus - Toys for Bob moved to COD, The Persistence - Keith, and Alessio talk about  Ray Tracing, and other similar things.

Intel Core i5-12400 & Core i5-12600 Non-K Alder Lake CPUs Pushed Up To 5.2 GHz Through BCLK Overclocking, Achieve Up To 33% Faster Performance

What games are we playin'?

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More Remakes, Sony Wants Diversity, and Battlefield [Episode 38]


The team goes on and on about more Remakes because that seems to be all we can do anymore, Companies keep buying other companies in an attempt to become Conglom-O, Sony wants more diversity in games, Battlefield prepares to try again but will they do anything about cheaters? Oh and early E3 rumors!

EVGA warranty changes & Step Up program downgraded, Is the company making up for their losses?

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Industry Kerfufles And New Games Flooding The Market Soon [Episode 37]

Chris and Keith complain about dumb things in the industry and talk about the wave of new games coming by year's end due to delays from COVID.

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Diablo 2 Hands-On, Sony, Delays, And Age of Empires 4 [Episode 36]

Alessio Talks hands-on with Diablo 2, We all talk about Sony and their boneheaded remakes and shutdowns. Delays hit Deathloop again, but is it something sinister this time? Age of Empires 4 catches criticism for looking like a free-to-play mobile game.

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More Delays, Goodbye PS3 and Vita Store, Alan Wake 2? Yes Please [Episode 35]

Chris takes the piss out of WB over Lego delay, Sony closing PS3 & Vita stores, MLB coming to Xbox Live, Outriders issues, Alan Wake 2 is coming - EGS exclusive!

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Surprise Publisher Ranks, Xbox Trying To Buy Discord, And More Games To Film [Episode 34]

Audio Only: https://anchor.fm/wccftech/episodes/Surprise-Publisher-Ranks--Xbox-Trying-To-Buy-Discord--And-More-Games-To-Film-Episode-34-etsaan

The latest Metacritic publisher rankings were a bit surprising. Microsoft continues to buy up everything in the gaming world, And we're entering the golden age of games to film!

*The rest of these exist, so bear with me as I get them all sorted.*


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