Wccf Talks Gaming Official Podcast – Will Kotick Quit? Marvel going Massive-Multiplayer Online


Episodes 50-59

Every Game is Delayed, Nintendo to Spend Money & Square Enix Admit Chris was Right [Episode 59]

Bobby Kotick Thinks Money Fixes Abuse & Marvel to get the Uncharted Treatment [Episode 58]

Intel Core i5-12400 & Core i5-12600 Non-K Alder Lake CPUs Pushed Up To 5.2 GHz Through BCLK Overclocking, Achieve Up To 33% Faster Performance

Netflix Plans Its Gaming Future & Elden Ring Delayed [Episode 57]

EA Giving up FIFA? Pokémon Won't go Open World [Episode 56]

FIFA is a predator, Avengers is Dead and Sony are Stupid [Episode 55]

Tokyo Game Show, Konami and New World [Episode 54]

Nintendo Blows its Load and Everybody Has a Game Store [Episode 53]

EVGA warranty changes & Step Up program downgraded, Is the company making up for their losses?

NVIDIA GeForce Leaks & Activision-Blizzard Attack Employee's Rights [Episode 52]

PlayStation 5 Reveals the Future and Epic vs Apple [Episode 51]

China Cracking Down on Games & Sony Have Huge Announcements Coming? [Episode 50]


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