watchOS 6.1.2 Update for Apple Watch Now Available for Download

Uzair Ghani
Download watchOS 6.1.2

You can grab the latest watchOS 6.1.2 update for Apple Watch right now and reap the benefits of the latest fixes Apple has packed in their release.

Download watchOS 6.1.2 for Apple Watch with New Bug Fixes and Improvements

Apple has just released the watchOS 6.1.2 software update for everyone out there. Whether you have a Series 1 Apple Watch or the latest Series 5, this update should show up for you immediately, ready for download. But first, let's have a look at the changelog:

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watchOS 6.1.2 changelog

If you wish to download watchOS 6.1.2 right now, then start by placing your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi as well. Once done, launch the Watch app on the iPhone, navigate to General > Software Update, then tap on Download and Install.

watchOS 6.1.2 is not a big update but it may take a while to download, verify and subsequently install onto your Apple Watch. If you are out and about, then it is recommended that you schedule the update for installation later tonight. Or any other time of the day where you don't end up using your iPhone or Apple Watch too much.

Apple Watch software updates aren't always the most exciting for a lot of people out there. They don't pack in the same level of feature additions as iOS or iPadOS, but in order to keep your Apple Watch ticking along nicely, these software updates are absolutely necessary.

Last but not the least, once you do update to watchOS 6.1.2, you cannot downgrade back to watchOS 6.1.1. Once you have updated, you'll be on the newer software release for good, please keep this in mind before going ahead as well. Unlike the iPhone or iPad, there is no port on the Apple Watch which you can make use of in order to perform a software downgrade. Even Apple won't help you out in that regard. What you get over the air is what you have to stick around with until the next software update comes along.

We urge everyone to update right away if they rely on their Apple Watch a lot for daily tasks. New software updates tend to improve things like Activity tracking, which is important for those who are using the wearable to shed some weight or just get fit in their daily routines.

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