Warhammer Vermintide Runs at Native 4K on Xbox One X; Developer Targeting 1440P on PS4 Pro


Swedish developer Fatshark recently announced that a new Warhammer Vermintide game will launch in early 2018. We've reached out to the developers to ask them about the improvements they're planning for this sequel, but we also inquired about the technical updates due to be deployed on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro for the first installment.

Producer Robert Bäckström said:

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Yes, the Xbox One X Enhanced version is available now in the Xbox One store. It has native 4K render support, improved aliasing and shadow casting, more detailed textures and a sharper image for an improved visual look. The stronger CPU power allows us to run the game in a more consistent framerate for a smoother game experience.

Unfortunately, owners of HDR displays won't be able to exploit their hardware to the fullest extent with the first Vermintide.

We took a rather late decision to omit HDR support for both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X version of Warhammer Vermintide due to resources being used in the sequel. But we hope to remedy that in the upcoming sequel.

Last year, Fatshark told us that a PS4 Pro update was on its way to Warhammer Vermintide. That hasn't happened yet, but it will soon, apparently.

It is still pending but it is in our pipe for a not too distant release. Details are still being finalized, but our target resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro is native 1440P.

Warhammer Vermintide can give you a taste of what's coming up in a few months with the sequel in a few months from now. On Xbox One, players can already try a free demo while they wait to be able to play the whole game for free (provided that they have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription) in a few days from now, once next month's Games for Gold become available on December 1st.

Check back to read our full interview with Fatshark shortly.