Pricing Details Of Verizon iPhone 6s Leaked Through Walmart Memo


With a plethora number of leaks concerning Apple’ iPhone 6s duo homing in, we still did not get to know about the pricing details of the tech giant’s flagship smartphones, until now. Thanks to a leak occurring at one of America’s largest retailers Walmart, a leaked memo detailed the pricing of iPhone 6s. However, we are going to have to burst your bubble and tell you that this particular handset is Verizon iPhone 6s, and actual pricing details of unlocked iPhones have yet to be revealed. However, like all the previous generation iPhones, you should not expect the upcoming devices to come cheap.

Verizon iPhone 6s To Cost $218 For The 16 GB Model

While we were getting all ecstatic that the upcoming iPhones will no longer be shipped out in the 16 GB capacity variants, we were bitterly disappointed when we came across a hardware leak suggesting that Apple is not going discard these capacity models anytime soon. Coming back to the topic at hand, a leaked internal Walmart memo was shared with a Phone Arena reader, where the pricing of Verizon iPhone 6s was revealed.

According to the leak, the base model of Verizon iPhone 6s, which will feature 16 GB of onboard storage, will carry a $218 price tag and will feature a two year contract from the American carrier. As for the 64 GB capacity model, it will carry a price tag of $318 from the same carrier. In terms of price/storage ratio, we would have to settle for the 64 GB model, since you will be getting four times the amount of storage while paying a $100 extra.

As for iPhone 6, the 16 GB model from Verizon will be reduced to $118 for a two year contract, while the 64 GB model will carry a price of $218. Additionally, the leaked memo also states that iPhone 5s will be reduced to a modicum price of $18 for the 16 GB model. While these pricing details are phenomenal, we should remind you that these details should be taken with a grain of salt.

More details will definitely emerge in the near future, so let us stick around for those before we actually jump to conclusions. For now, looking at the aforementioned price tags, what do you feel about these pricing levels? Do tell us your thoughts.

Image source: Phone Arena