[UPDATE] Unannounced Armored Core Details Surface Online; Gameplay Looks Very Souls-Inspired

Francesco De Meo

[Update] Red Liquorice shared the screenshots included in the Armored Core survey they received. You can find them on ResetERA.

[Original Story] A new entry in the Armored Core series is currently in the works, and the first game details have emerged online.

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On the ResetERA forums, user Red Liquorice revealed that they have received a consumer survey from the developer which not only revealed some details on the game but also featured two gameplay videos, which haven't been shared online due to them being watermarked. According to the user, the gameplay looked like a mix between Virtual On and the Souls series.

The boss fight looked quite Soulsy - the long range gunfire reminded me of Virtua On, that's my frame of reference, I'm not a mech fan and haven't played any AC games. The player character in a white mech went in close to the bigger robot boss and fought with like an energy or laser sword, this looked Souls-style.

The field gameplay, the player in the same white mech seemed to be following a couple of other players in the distance (co-op?) and they were walking (flying close to the ground maybe) through a snowy area towards either a large wall or gate, this seemed Soulsy too, the vastness of the architecture, but it wasn't a castle more like a worn down metal/stone wall or gate. It was quite short.

This unannounced Armored Core game also seems it doesn't have an official name yet, as survey participants were asked to pick a name for the game.

The survey listed a choice of titles for the game, so I guess that hasn't been decided on yet. Most of them were Armoured Core: [Something] including just "Armoured Core" and both AC: 6, AC: VI, and other subtitles I can't remember, some of the choices didn't include AC in the name at all.

The new Armored Core has yet to be announced officially. We will keep you updated on it as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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