Elden Ring Reforged Mod New Update Introduces Full Bestiary, Level Cap And More

Francesco De Meo
Elden Ring Reforged

Among the many mods that have been released so far for From Software's Elden Ring, one of the most interesting is Reforged, a very interesting gameplay overhaul that introduces new mechanics and content to the game that really spice up the experience. This mod has become even better today thanks to a new update that introduces some very interesting features.

The 0.5.0 update, which can be downloaded right now from Nexus Mods, introduces a complete enemy bestiary with over 350 entries which will increase the amount of Runes any specific enemy drops once its entry has been completed.

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The Codex of the All-Knowing is a new item can be acquired in the Roundtable Hold from a chest outside of Sir Gideon's room. This chest also contains the Knowledge Seeker's Cookbook [1].
Using the cookbook, players can craft consumable items called Signs of the All-Knowing. This item marks targeted enemies in combat, and if a marked target is killed its information will be added to the Codex. The Codex of the All-Knowing can be looked through at Sites of Grace, where it will show all of your collected knowledge on enemies and blank entries for every unknown enemy.
There are over 350 entries to collect for all the enemies and their different variations, and total Codex progress is viewable with a percentage based tracker. Collecting Codex entries for enemies will increase the amount of runes they drop. Additionally, every 25% of the Codex completed will award a Starlight Token, which can be exchanged for any other item in the game.

The Elden Ring Reforged 0.5.0 update also introduces a level cap for both new game and new gameplay plus, rebalancing the scaling of stats as well.

Added a level cap. The base NG now has a level cap of 201, increasing up to 251 with NG+s. With this mechanic, the scaling of stats has been completely rebalanced.
- Vigor, Mind, and Endurance will now give more HP, FP, and stamina beyond the original softcap of 60. Players can invest into these stats for more specialization, but it will cost level ups that could have been invested into other stats.
- Split scaling weapons and catalysts have been updated to be more effective by requiring a similar level of investment compared to single stat scaling gear. For example, a catalyst that scales off of one stat will want 99 of INT or FTH, but a catalyst that scales off of both would only want 50 in each.

Many other changes are introduced by the Elden Ring Reforged 0.5.0 update. The full changelog can be found by going here.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide. You can learn more about one of the best games of the year by checking out my review of the PC version.

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