TSMC Reportedly Preparing to Ship 80 Million ‘A14’ Chips to Apple in 2020

Omar Sohail
TSMC Reportedly Preparing to Ship 80 Million ‘A14’ Chips to Apple in 2020

TSMC reportedly started mass production of Apple's A14 Bionic chips earlier this year. The company apparently has three versions of its 5nm node available for various partners. The regular 5nm, 5nm+, and enhanced 5nm manufacturing process are said to be ready for different clients but it's not confirmed which one Apple will be using for its A14 Bionic. Regardless of which manufacturing node Apple chooses, a tipster believes TSMC has a massive shipment ready for Apple but whether or not these chips are only meant for one product, we’ll find out soon.

Tipster Mentions ‘A14’ Chips but Doesn’t Specify Which Product Line They Are For

According to Twitter user L0vetodream, TSMC has a huge ‘A14’ chips shipment prepped for Apple. However, L0vetodream didn’t specify which A14 will be made for which product. Keep in mind that there just isn’t a single product line that’s expected to use a silicon starting with the model number ‘A14’. There’s the upcoming iPhone 12 series, which will probably be using the A14 Bionic, followed by the new iPad Pro family, which will use the A14X Bionic rumored to be made on the same 5nm manufacturing process.

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Then we have the upcoming ARM-based Mac, which according to previous rumors will use a 5nm chip featuring a total of 12 cores. It’s not confirmed what this SoC will be named but if the first ARM-based Mac will arrive this year, as Apple stated during its WWDC 2020 keynote, then it could be named after the A14 series. If there are three different products expected to use an A14 chip, then those 80 million units will most likely be divided amongst them.

Since a previous report stated that Apple’s iPhone 12 shipments estimates for mmWave 5G models have been cut by 50 percent, it’s possible these A14 chip shipments will be distributed amongst the iPhone, iPad, and the ARM-based Mac. Of course, we recommend treating this info with a pinch of salt as there is going to be tons of information available on the horizon, so stay tuned for more updates from our side.

News Source: Twitter (L0vetodream)

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