ToF 3D Sensor Reportedly Arriving for 2020 iPhone Rear Camera, Claims Fresh Report

Omar Sohail
Apple could start using ToF 3D sensors for its 2020 iPhone range

Another report claiming that the rear camera system of the 2020 iPhone lineup will feature a time-of-flight, or ToF 3D sensor, has popped up, building on the earlier inside scoop that implied the same information. Apparently, the company is working with its supplier to ensure that the ToF 3D sensor is ready in time for a 2020 launch.

Earlier Rumors Stated the 2019 iPhone Range Featuring a ToF Rear Camera, but the Hardware Is Apparently Not Ready

In case you didn’t know, iPhones already feature a front-facing TrueDepth camera system which maps users’ faces but the same unit cannot be fitted on the back as a rear camera unit will be required to capture raw data spanning meters, not just inches. A time-of-flight VCSEL 3D unit will be able to generate a high-fidelity 3D map and make room for better AR and VR experiences.

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Earlier, it was reported that the rear ToF 3D sensor will make a debut with the 2019 iPhones but apparently, that won’t come to pass as the unit is just not ready yet. Last year, esteemed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the time-of-flight 3D rear cameras will make a debut with the 2020 iPads, before making their way to the 2020 iPhones.

This will add to the charm of the already highly anticipated next generation of iPhones, as they are also expected to be the first Apple-branded smartphones to come with 5G connectivity. They are also tipped to come with smaller notches, as the size of the TrueDepth modules will apparently be shrunk.

This year’s iPhones, on the other hand, will most likely not garner a sufficient number of eyes. Although the high-end models are tipped to come with a triple camera system as depicted in the latest iPhone 11 dummy hands-on video and reverse wireless charging, analysts believe Apple will have to do better than that to get people to upgrade.

For the 2020 iPhone lineup, there’s no telling right now how many cameras Apple plans on incorporating at the back of future models, but with a ToF 3D sensor apparently getting readied, we’ll have to see just how beneficial this hardware will be for a variety of applications next year.

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