Apple AR Glasses Project Reportedly ‘Terminated’; Wearable Was Originally Rumored to Launch in 2020


In a bizarre turn of events, a new report states that Apple has ‘terminated’ its AR Glasses. For those who have not kept up-to-date with the company’s alleged plans, it has been mentioned a significant number of times that Apple’s AR Glasses would launch as a wearable that’s geared towards augmented reality. Apple has been a proponent of augmented reality for quite a while and continues to think of new ways on how the technology could simplify the lives for countless users.

DigiTimes (initially spotted by MacRumors) has reported on its main page that the AR Glasses project is terminated. Sadly, we currently don’t have more news to share with our readers, as additional details concerning Apple’s rumored augmented reality-centered eyewear is locked behind a paywall. However, before you get disappointed, it should be noted that DigiTimes doesn’t have the best of track records when reporting about Apple’s products, and their potential release date.

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With that said, we highly recommend that you take this report with a pinch of salt and if there are more details to be shared, we’ll update our readers accordingly and in a timely manner. While multiple reports point toward a 2020 release, a separate rumor claimed that the AR Glasses would release in 2021 and would be a hit product among the masses. A different report alleged that Apple’s wearable would function as an iPhone accessory, not a standalone product.

This means that just like several iterations of the Apple Watch, you will most likely have to connect the AR Glasses to your iPhone via Bluetooth and take advantage of its slew of features. Previously, there were whispers that Apple might have canceled the project, but the company’s metal frame and casing supplier Catcher Technology reportedly took on the arduous task acquiring the required components for the eyewear.

What the supplier’s progress on this front is currently unknown, which suggests that either the plan was scrapped, or it’s very difficult to get the necessary information out in the open from Apple’s supply chain partners. Also, considering the fact that Apple currently has the highest market share in the smartwatch category, the company would love to open up another branch of wearables, an area where Google failed abysmally.

News Source: DigiTimes